Hotel Palace is a family run hotel owned by Goyatours travel agency
This agency is one of the oldest in Međugorje

The hotel has 65 modern and comfortable 4 star rooms. We are located in the centre of Međugorje, near the St Jacob Church.


Hotel facilities:

- In the hotel you can choose
between twin,
double or triple bedrooms.
The room are
between 24-32 m2 


- Intelligent room system
used for lighting and air-conditioning
- Our car park for
buses and personal cars
the reception

- A room for group meetings
and prayer
- Free Wi-Fi
- IP Telephone
- Roof terrace 


Basic information:

Goyatours doo | HOTEL PALACE Bijakovići bb, BiH-88266 Međugorje | VAT No.: 4227139490010 | Register No.: 1-5299 |